Back to KP for consolidation


My oncologist called yesterday to let me know things are lining up at Stanford. He used to work with my Stanford oncologist so there is already a good relationship between them. He also told me that I need to go back to the hospital for consolidation chemo in a day or two. Today we received confirmation that I’ll have a room Wednesday and they want me there by 8:30 AM so I’m there before rounds.

First the bad

  1. Last Friday, we got home from Stanford at 11:00 PM, exhausted in every way.
  2. I don’t get two weeks break at home between chemo cycles, I’ll take the 1 week!
  3. A third bad thing but who focuses on the bad things, I just need 3 of these

Now the good!

  1. The sooner I start consolidation chemo, the sooner I’m ready for the bone marrow transplant, theoretically…
  2. I should only be in the hospital for ~4 days if I don’t get an infection or such
  3. I’ll be able to recover at home with 2-3 trips/week back to Roseville, ~2 to 5 hours depending on if I need just a blood draw or an infusion…

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