Stanford bound (briefly)


This morning Stacy and I have a day trip to Stanford for an initial consultation. We are excited that my KP oncologist was able to get Stanford to move the date for this visit that was originally scheduled for 4/8. If Stanford can accommodate me as a new blood and marrow transplant (BMT) patient soon enough, I could avoid more lengthy chemo cycles in the KP hospital waiting for a vacancy at Stanford.

Today is expected to be a long one. We anticipate 6+ hours of driving and 2-4 hours of meetings. I can nap in the car but Stacy will have the bigger burden.

A day or two before I left the hospital, a man 15 years my junior with the same AML left the hospital after 80 days! It took three cycles of chemo to get his AML into remission. I know there are many more variables in the mix but this reminds me how blessed I am.

Thank you all for your love and support and prayers on our behalf! I have been carried through the darker days thinking of the immense love and support of family and friends new and old. I am a witness that God lives and the power of prayer is real. Thank you and may you be blessed for your service. I know you all have trials in life and I pray that your burdens may be made lighter.

2 thoughts on “Stanford bound (briefly)

  1. I am so happy you are being comforted. You have the most amazing wife! Love her! We will continue praying for your quick recovery and patience with the whole process. Being couped up is really hard.

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