Pack your bags soldier

2/27 8:45 AM

The oncologist called, reviewed the treatment plan, confirmed the type of leukemia, Acute Myloid Leukemia (AML). The plan was to put the orders for hospital check-in ASAP. It sounded like we should be expecting a call from the hospital that morning. We called at 3:00 PM and were informed we had a check-in set for 2/28 8:00 AM. One more night with family at home before shipping off.

2 thoughts on “Pack your bags soldier

  1. From the Army ā€” Warrior Ethos contains the Battle Buddy promise, ā€œI will never leave a fallen comrade.ā€

    You are a warrior my brother. I am right behind/beside you, from TOOELE, in this battle. Our Lord will buoy you up and carry you through this mission! DL

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