Drafted to the AML war

2/26 6:30 PM

I spent 2/23-25 in the hospital for an infection in my legs. During this stay, blood tests indicated that I needed to have a bone marrow biopsy. And they performed the bone marrow biopsy before discharging me that afternoon. The next day 2/26 I was back home and feeling particularly tired at about 5:30, I laid down to rest and quickly fell into a deep sleep. I began to stir just as my phone rang 6:30 PM, it was the oncology doctor advising me that the bone marrow biopsy showed that I have leukemia and need to begin treatments in 1-2 days. He proceeded to provide me with a high-level outline of what the treatments may entail including a high likelihood for a positive result through treatment. The Dr. ended with “I’ll call you in the morning to discuss further details.”

We began to call parents, siblings and friends to let them know and seek their advice and support. This process was a great blessing of drawing closer, strengthening bonds, sharing faith, love and feeling great peace through the process.

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