Generic immune system


Everything is on track! After getting out of the hospital once again for the second time earlier this week, I still had 3 appointments in the ITA. As of Friday 6/7, my blood counts and medication levels are good! The plan is to move to ITA visits 2 times a week for the time being. They also put me back on dairy with some exceptions. Still on low microbial diet, so everything has to be home cooked or big brand frozen. No berries, no soft cheeses.

I get excited seeing my counts up and the doctors and nurses keep telling me I’m a baby. Er, my immune system is infantile…? That is to say that while the counts are up, the variety of cell types is still very generic and not ready to take on the world. So, even with the canister mask, they don’t want me going to the grocery store, church or the like.

While on average, I have improved energy levels over what I had in the hospital, it is still relatively low. Getting cleaned up and ready for the day is tiring. An otherwise casual short walk is tiring. Also mental activity can be tiring. So, my plan is to keep at it little by little to improve energy levels yet not over do it. I can feel stressed easily when I expect to do anything at pre AML levels. It is an ever evolving process to try to be a little more active one day to the next but not over do it or get frustrated for one reason or another.

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