Winner winner, hot buffalo wing chicken dinner!


Stanford has finalized the donor selection and with great joy I am pleased to announce that my dear sister Kimberly will be giving me her stem cells!! Thank you Kim!

Thank you to all of my siblings for being willing bone marrow/stem cell donors! I am extremely blessed to be el conchito of such an amazing family. El conchito just means baby of the family but I get a kick out of the direct translation, “residue left over.” I remember the time when I was living in Ecuador, after sharing a photo of my family, a man said, “…oh, tu eres el conchito.” Then he explained to me what that meant by saying, if you have a bucket of water and dump it all out, when you look inside the bucket there is still some water residue leftover, that is el conchito!

Thank you David, Kim and Teryll for jumping through all the hoops to get to this point!

I love you all dearly,

Dan AKA El Conchito

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