Sydney meets Petechiae


We got a call early this morning advising us to get Syd to the ER. She has been low on iron and had a blood draw yesterday evening that showed low platelets. We are talking my kind of low platelets post chemo. She is doing well and lots of tests being run. Bishop and I gave her a blessing. Stacy and I arm wrestled to determine who would get to spend the night in the hospital with her. Stacy won😞 It’s all going to be okay! 🙏

3 thoughts on “Sydney meets Petechiae

  1. Syd gets to go home today! I get blood and platelets. I’d trade the KP family pass for Six Flags family pass! Any takers? Anyone? Beauler?


  2. Sydney was only home for a few hours before we needed to take her back to the ER and she was admitted again and so far, has spent 2 more nights there. 😦 She is dealing with the side effects from the medication. Not uncommon, but in this case were more severe than initially anticipated. The last word is that she may come home sometime today! I miss my girls. Stacy has been spending each night there with Syd.

    Happy Easter!


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