Best Case Scenario


I’m not a doctor but I pretend to understand what is going on. From all I have gathered thus far, the best case scenario is something close to the following.

  1. Cycle 1 of chemo is effective enough to drop my bone marrow blast cell from 65% to <5%. Then they keep me alive until my immune system is strong enough to work on its own. This is when they let me go home for a few weeks.
  2. During my two weeks at home I meet with Stanford to begin the preparation for a bone marrow/stem cell transplant.
  3. After the two weeks at home, I go back to the hospital for a consolidation cycle 2 of chemo. This could be as short as three days.
  4. After chemo cycle 2, I go to Stanford for the transplant. This assumes one of my siblings is a match and is ready to donate promptly.
  5. The transplant goes well and there are no or minimal adverse reactions to the transplant. Then, I think I’m cured…

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